क्या है आपका X-Factor ? 

क्या है आपका X-Factor ? is a funny facebook application which lets users to See क्या है आपका X-Factor ? by allowing a facebook application.
It provides user's most relative result as shown in sample above.

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How it Works: When you play our app, Our applications will make your proper result according to application requirements. It makes you entertain and famous, So share on Facebook with your friends. We are creating more apps on category like playbuzz, play games, name, cricket, job, personality, facebook, soulmate, buzzfeed quiz, movie, trailer, attorney, kundli, iphone, degree, play casino, software, credit, death, calculator, car etc.

Note: We do not store any type of user's information. We just use it temporary to make your proper result according to application requirements.

आपका भाग्य क्या है ?

जानिए आप किसके दिल मैं रहते है ?

आपके नाम का सुन्दर अर्थ क्या है ?

आप कितनी तनख़्वाह के लायक हैं ?

जानिए आपके पिछले जन्म के रहस्य ?

नाम के पहले अक्षर से जानिए आप कैसे हो !

Who are you before and now ?

जानिए आपकी LOVE STORY किस रोमांटिक फिल्म जैसी है ?

What is your destiny?